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Work from Home Selling Candles - Air Fresheners

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Karen Madsen

Karen Madsen - Best New Business Idea Work at Home Business Opportunities and Jobs - Sell Scentsy

Scentsy Home Famly Business #1 In Industry

Work from Home - Call Karen (801) 455-6366

Work from home! Bookmark this site now for business ideas! Scentsy is an award winning company - ranked #1 for candle business opportunity. High customer satisfaction and sales enjoyment as a legitimate work at home business. Scentsy opportunities in the USA, Canada, UK and Germany (Deutschland). Scentsy has the best small business ideas. Contact me now! Nothing works for you until you do.

Scentsy Ranked Best Small Business

Why Scentsy, Best Small Business ideas, Best Small Business opportunities, Small Business Ideas

For three years in a row Inc. has ranked Scentsy in the top 100 (at 85th for 2011 - up from 2010) companies in the USA with an almost 3,000% growth rate for three years ending in 2011. Inc. ranked Scentsy #1 consumer products and service company

If you click on the Inc. icon (above) and scroll down to the performance graph -- Note that there is no company ranked by Inc. with a higher combination of growth and revenue than Scentsy. You will not find a better home basedFamily Business

Join Scentsy - Best Small Business

Forbes ranks Scentsy in their top 100 companies in the USA as #66. Contact me for more information.

Why Scentsy?

What would it cost to become an owner in a top 100 best small Business? $1,000,000? If you do not have that kind of money - Start a top new small business from your home for 1/1,000th the cost. Just $100!! - Contact me and I will show you how to without any debt. When you are the owner - you cannot be fired or laid off and you keep the $$$$$ you earn So if you want a raise - you just work harder and smarter.

A Family Business that will Cash Flow your first month!

Consider a franchise business - the minimum initial investment is well over $1 million US for a top rated small business franchise. For a lower end - but proven profitable franchise there is nothing under $250,000 US - supplies and equipment not included. Average standard business plan projects best case break even cash flow in 2 years (excluding initial investment). The best projections - 5 year plan to pay off enough initial investment before providing a living income.

Start a Top rated Family Business - without Debt!

For less than 1/1000th of the cost of a franchise you can become an independent Scentsy Consultant (for $99 + tax US) - includes over double the value in supplies and products. You can build a family business and have an income in less time than it takes to make an established franchise profitable. If you decide Scentsy is not for you; your investment will not force you into bankruptcy. In 4 years you could build your Scentsy business into a family business with a suitable income - compared to 4 years of college, with student loans left to pay - Scentsy could be the business for you. Just what you have been looking for.

Not Ready for a Full Time Commitment or Business?

Not a problem. Because Scentsy does not need excessive debit to get started you can structure your business around your schedule and your time. Use Scentsy in you spare time to cover extra expenses or buy a new car or for vacations.

Not Sure?

Still not sure? - Contact me and let's consider introducing Scentsy to your friends, family and neighbors. You can try out a Scentsy business at no risk and apply your rewards for hosting Scentsy towards you enrolment costs.

Not Sure if a candle business is for you?

Not sure if Candles are your thing? Contact me now and let me introduce you to other at home businesses opportunities and possibilities.

Ready to Hire yourself? Take the Next Step?

Sell Scentsy, Scentsy Ideas, Work from Home Opportunities, Small Home Based Business, Best Small Business Ideas

Ready to get started? You can Join Now. But still Contact me and let's set up a schedule to start your training. I will mentor you and get you going so the day your Scentsy Starter Kit arrives you will be ready. Just think, within a couple of week from now you could own your own business and be running your own company and making a profit. But not just any business - one of the top 100 small businesses in the USA.

*Have a Scentsational day!

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