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Work from Home Selling Candles - Air Fresheners

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Karen Madsen

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Scentsy Wax: Replace Scented Candles

Non Polluting - Fragrance Lasts longer!

Alphbetic list and discriptuon of Scentsy Wax Scents

Why Scentsy Wax? - Scents lasts 2 to 3 time longer than competors

Scentsy Scented Wax - Information

You may choose from wax for use in a Scentsy Warmers / Tart Burners or use our scents with other kinds of Amoratherapy Diffusers . Certain fragrances above are marked with ST to indicate the latest fragrances trends - called Scentrend. Do not forget to check our Specials and Packages or online discounts and Scentsy Specials with your Scentsy Wax Bar purchase.

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