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Because of our variety Scentys flameless scented candles, home air fresheners, air fresheners for cars, spray air fresheners and other Scentsy Products make great scents for your home or as a gift for a friend. Our flameless scented candles are the best home air fresheners possible. You can create a signature scent or quickly change the scent in your home air fresheners as your mood changes.

Here you will find an easy index of all our Scentsy products for decor accents. Scentsy Flameless Candles are flameless candles (home air fresheners) designed to add beautiful accents to any home, apartment, office or workplace décor. Scentsy flameless candles (warmers and home air fresheners) are designed with scents in mind. Besides our unique flameless candle wax to provide the best scents possible for our flameless candles; there are other products that can be combined in various ways with the many 80+scents to choose from. You can select the perfect scented product gift for every nose.

Scentsy offers much more than just flameless candles. See what Scentsy can offer you from these scented product choices, or if you'd like to see some Special Deals and Combos, you can also find specials unique for only my customers.

Using Scentsy Products - Fresheners and Sprays

Scentsy also has the perfect flameless candles just for men; highlighted with our Scentsy Sports Warmers, Patriot Collection, Hero Collection, NCAA Campus collection Flameless Candles; plus there are the Scentsy products fragrances and products specially for men.

Scent Circles and Scent Paks are Scentsy products that make fabulous scented products gifts that add plesent fragrance to cars, sport lockers and even gym and laundry bags A good scented product among the many Scentsy products and gifts makes anyplace more pleasant; even those places inhabited by teenagers and pets.

Consider a Travel Tin a Scentys Product gift for someone on the go.

The Nursery Collection and Scentsy Buddies are the perfect scented product gift for the young at heart.

In addition Scentsy scented candles can be used without the Scentsy wax as a safe flameless candle low light that can be on even while you are away or asleep, without fear or worry of fire.

How about a Scentsy plug in a Scentsy products gift for a home with pets and their frequented places?

That special someone will still enjoy your Scentsy product gift warmer and scented product replaceable wax long after flowers have wilted and candy is gone.

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